Friday, June 6, 2008

India Shining

Digha, May 31: That’s Rajkumar. He sells toys to other children (with real childhoods) of his age, at the Digha (a beachside town about 5 hrs from Calcutta) bazaar.

When asked whether he felt proud about the country growing at more than 8%, he sheepishly replied that he didn’t know what “percentage” meant. He had never been to school in spite of the spectacular success of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan.

When asked why, he replied, “School jetham tho bhaath kothai theke ashtho(If I had gone to school where would I get my rice from)?”

When the PM was asked this same question by the correspondent he gave a befitting reply to Rakmumar:”The country is booming.If he does not have rice let him eat risotto.”

Thursday, June 5, 2008

CPI(M) calls bandh; people shocked


New Delhi, June 4: A response was always expected from the Left to the central government’s oil price hike but what the CPI(M) announced today shocked everyone. “As a protest against the central government’s move we declare a 12 hour bandh in Bengal tomorrow,” said Prakash Karat.

A bandh by the CPI(M), of all the parties, left political watchers shocked as to the novelty and unexpectedness of the decision.”Who would expect the Left, of all the parties, to call a bandh?,” said Yogendra Yadav, a jholawala we caught up with at the JNU, hence an expert at this kinda stuff.

“I was totally taken aback by the left calling a bandh,”says Ravi Kumar, a common man.”Politics is getting more and more unpredictable day by day. What next? Will the BJP now start a communal riot,” said Ravi, laughing at the absurdity of what he had just described.

Mr. Karat also described the reasons for the calling of the bandh. “The price rise will hit the poor hard. So we have decided to call a bandh so that tomorrow the poor who earn daily wages, like daily labourers etc, do not earn even their daily allowance. I’m sure the poor will appreciate this move and realize that we are the only ones who think of the poor. Down with imperial capitalist pigs who oppress the poor!,” he shouted as a servant bought him his tea and biscuits.

There are also reports of Mamata Bannerjee calling a bandh in Bengal the day after tomorrow to show that she is the only alternative to the Left in Bengal.