Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fringe Indian group demands ban on human slaughter citing religious sentiment

In a definite sign of the increasing religious polarisation that India is undergoing right now, a fringe groups has demanded that the government introduce a complete ban on the slaughter of any kind of human being.

Ravi Kumar, spokesperson for the action group “Human Hamari Mata Hai” (Humans are Our Mothers) based this outlandish demand on his ancient religious beliefs. “We believe in Liberalism and in our belief system, we consider humans to be sacred. Human beings are just like our family. A female human being is just like your mother. Think about it,” he implored.

But can a modern nation like India base its laws on whatever fanatic religious beliefs some people subscribe to? If Liberals don’t like human slaughter, can they impose their beliefs on others is the question many rationalist commentators are now asking.

Kumar denies that their demand is irrational in any way. “This has nothing to do with religion. It is a completely logical demand,” he said with the calm conviction of a complete zealot. “Human beings are extremely helpful creatures. Their wasteproducts can be used for agriculture. Moreover human beings provide us with many other useful things such as art, agriculture, science, literature etc. Killing such a useful animal, which is like our mother is actually the greatest sin."

Till now, however, given the fringe nature of the movement, the government has mostly ignored its demands. “Our government believes in rationality and common sense. We can’t base laws on such laughable religious beliefs,” said a top minister while researching the topic of nuclear weapons in ancient India.