Friday, October 24, 2008

Raju Chacha

In a rational move which smacks overtly of common sense, MNS cadre have bought the capital city of Maharashtra to a standstill, to protest against non-Maharashtrians.

Says a local level leader of the MNS,”These non-Maharashtrians were destroying Mumbai’s culture and ethos. Now you know that we Maharashtrians are second to none. So we said:’ they’ve destroyed the culture and ethos of the city; big deal! We’ll destroy the city itself! That’ll show them! Ha!’”

In a bid to prove that Maharashtrians can destroy stuff better than Hindi-speakers, MNS cadre went on a rampage in Mumbai, first setting fire to buses, allegedly because the buses did not speak Marathi. They followed that up by targeting taxis and auto rickshaws which did not speak Marathi.

The violence was not confined to Mumbai though; it justifiably spread to other parts of Maharashtra, including Pune—capital of the once-mighty Peshwa Empire.

“Pune once challenged the mighty Mughal Empire! Today we Maharashtrians will pelt three Pune Municipal Transport buses with stones to show how great we are. Jay Maharashtra!”, said an MNS leader in Pune, trying to incite a crowd to riot.

Taking a cue from their Maharshtrian brethren, in another extremely sensible, tit-for-tat move, Biharis have taken to destroying railway property in Bihar, including trains and railway stations. Protesters set the Motihari Railway station, in Bihar, on fire as well as attacking several Bihar-bound trains.

“How dare these Maharashtrians inconvenience Biharis”, raged a rioter, while trying to set fire to a railway station in Bihar.

The protests to support Biharis in Maharashtra have thrown the whole railway apparatus in Bihar out of gear, thus greatly inconveniencing Biharis in Bihar.

In spite of efforts to divide the country, Indians, from Mumbai (left) to Motihari (right), have bravely shown that the bonds of stupidity tie us tightly together.

Earlier, Shiv Sena and MNS lumpen competed to beat up Biharis who had come for the railway recruitment exams in Mumbai. The two groups almost came to blows but eventually sorted out their differences peacefully in order to beat up the sleeping Biharis.


Sumit said...

With Chatt Pooja fast approaching I shiver at the thought of what will happen to biharis in mumbai......

Sumit said...

If Raj Thackrey has his way Indians will need visas for inter-state travel......

Jhayu said...

@ Hades.
Dude, I think this is what Raj Thackeray wanted in the first place, to have Biharis burn themselves before they made it to Mumbai.

And a really nice blog, man.

Hades said...


Hmmm, chhatt might be a bad time.
Raj Thakeray is playing a nice little game. In 20 years, mcuh like his uncle he will settle into respectability hosting parties for the bollywood gliterati - even if they are from UP!


Raj must have had a great big laugh the day the Motihari station was burnt down!

I mean how stupid can these chaps be, man!

cool4u said...

For a more serious side to the problem, visit

Hades said...


What makes you think that just because I'm trying to be funny, I'm not being serious?

Saad Akhtar said...

People splitting my country and acting like morons! This just makes me so mad I could burn a few buses myself.

But then I thought, why not design burn proof buses. Solid metal frames with non flammable material inside. Since the flammability of public transport buses are such a forum for public expression, every bus should burn, but just a little. Let's not have a bus than when burnt is thrown. Let's have re-burnable buses.

And now that every state hates every other state, ever wonder how no one hates people from Union Territories? I mean, you never hear "Oh God I hate people from Dadra & Nagar Haveli!" or "Goddam people from Daman and Diu, come to Orissa and dont speak ze Language".


Hades said...

I hate people from Delhi.

Does that count?

nobody said...

"How dare these Maharashtrians inconvenience Biharis”, raged a rioter, while trying to set fire to a railway station in Bihar.

Man, I love it when these characters say and do these wierd things.

I didn't make much sense, did I? But I think you know what I mean.

cool4u said...

Its a really nice blog man. Have a wonderful Diwali

Hades said...

Thanks cool4u.

And here's wishing you and the other readers of the Blog a Happy Deepawali.

Anonymous said...

Such a nice blog.Keep writing! :)

AadarshNaagrik said...

Not that I support Raju beta.. but i don't see any outrage when Lalu babua recruits Biharis in bulk to indian railways. and NOT advertise railway exams in maharashtra and make comments like "bihar ka baccha mehnat karta hai , bambaiy ke bacche to phillum banate hai" .

and its this Inaction and apathy of the media, the central government etc. to such issues.. that someone like Raj thakrey is able to instigate masses against Biharis.

would love to see a post on lalu (mis) administration.

Hades said...


Ah! a contrarian.

Well, to the best of my knowledge, railway posts are advertised in central government periodicals like Rozgaar Samaachar which is published in Hindi and English.

Now it so happens that most Marathis can speak and read Hindi (the scripts, I understand are almost identical).

The people who should be rioting, at least as per your reason, are the South Indians!

Of course, the rioting benefits Lalu almost as much as it does Raj.

Raj's actions actions create an image of Lalu being partial to people from his home state-something that Lalu shouldn't mind when Bihar next goes to the polls.

Anonymous said...

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