Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Sanjana, Surbhi aur unke kayi naye dost aayein hai chat room pe. Bus dial karein 55313@Rs9/min aur kare unse dher saary baatein.

I’m a Vodafone subscriber and every spam SMS they send me, like the one above, is prefixed with VD, for, I assume, Vodafone. So, for example, an SMS containing offers would be called ‘VD Offers’.

Anyways, I would certainly have called “Sanjana, Surbhi aur unke kayi naye dost” if it wasn’t for the message title: VD Dost.

P.S: For those not conversant with Hindi, the SMS literally translates to:

Sanjana, Surbhi and their new friends have come to the chat room. All you have to do is to dial 55313@Rs9/min and talk to them all you want.
'Dost', of course, translates to 'friend'.


Indyeah said...

LOL!:D never err thought of VD quite like that..but then again I am an AIRtel subscriber unless of course you turn that around too :D

Atul Prasad said...

Dear Mr Chomu made this mistake of calling the number in AXE ad from my phone. Now I get an SMS everyday:

"Hey AXE man.. This is Tanya here.. waiting to hear from you"

Phoenixritu said...

Hahahahaha, this is priceless!

Quirky Indian said...

Inadvertently, Vodafone has revealed the truth! :-)


Quirky Indian

nobody said...

LOL.... :D

DeepBlue said...

@atul prasad...


Hades said...


Chomu badla nahin...tchh, tchh :P

Uncommon Sense said...

i think its something else. after i read your post i just scanned my phone inbox and c what i noticed.

AM-icici bank
AD-idbi bank
Ad- hdfc bank
AM-hdfc bank (credit card)
TM- icici bank

its some kind of codification, i have deleted the airtel messages so i dont have idea abt wht airtel sends

ONE said...

Airtel sends msgs as AX-Airtel.. the first letter signifies the operator/carrier used..
the second letter signifies the circle from which it is being sent..

all this because of bulk message senders, who have the first 3 digits for id purposes, and the next 8 for forwarding..

Anonymous said...

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