Sunday, September 26, 2010


You mean that's not a peek-dani? Oops! (Picture courtesy The BBC)

Firangs, calm down!

That wasn't shit all over the toilets, man. That was paan kee peek--saliva mixed with paan juice with maybe some phlegm--that's all. The expectoration of saliva by paan-chewers, I'll have you know, is a venerable Indian tradition (it's quite beautiful, you know, the way the glistening, ochre liquid arcs gracefully through the air to splatter across some unfortunate wall or, in your case, washbasin) and it is not the paan-chewer's fault if the CWG organisers could not be considerate enough to provide spittoons in the CWG village.

So there.


vicious said...

hey where did u take this pic ?

Saket Ranjan said...

We should provide paan to these visiting guests too. Maybe then will they understand the plight of the bechaara paan chewer. Where else would he have spit the peek and what else can he do when its own government does not take care of it and completely neglects the idea of a spittoon?

Hades said...

Not mine, Vicous. Or did you already know that and were sardonically pointing it out. :P

Either way, have got the HT up. :)

+1 to Saket's comment.

Meghana said...

This is one big conspiracy theory against the CONgress government and honest, CONgress leaders such as Kalmadi, DIKshit, Jaipal, etc. It is the handiwork of those loony, saffronites. Alas! That saffron ting in the peek gave their game away!!


Hades said...

If we must go on the colour of the peek, then we'd be better of accusing the commies, Meghana. :)