Monday, October 18, 2010

Drown in a Palmful of Water

Even as India’s ranks in 67th IFPRI's Global Hunger Index of 2010, placing it lower than any other Asian nation other than Bangladesh, the Indian press wets themselves over the successful Commonwealth Games and the good it has done for India’s “image”.

Well, P Sainath in a scathing article, disagrees somewhat:

“The point simply, is this: The Commonwealth Games were no showcase, but a mirror of India 2010. If they showcased anything, they showcased Indian crony, casino capitalism at its most vigorous. To build such a society and then expect The Games won't reflect its warts and sores is high optimism. But never in our history have an elite been so in love with themselves, so soaked in narcissism; so anxious about what ‘the World' thinks. So contemptuous of what our own people think, about anything. (Though the Commonwealth wouldn't exist without them. Indians account for over 55 per cent of all people in the Commonwealth.)”

If, even after 20 years of liberalisation, Nepal (Nepal! NEPAL!) is still better at tackling hunger than us, then I’d have to agree with Sainath that something is very,very wrong and resurrecting our image is the least of our problems.

Or maybe what the real problem is the “If, even after” in the previous sentence; if we replace that with “Because of”, will it make things better?


Meghana said...

Thank your secularist sweethearts to bring it to this - crores of food grains rotted due to Manmohan Sycophant Singh's economists and billions burnt down the drain to fuel the Congress election machine through NREGA.

jingado said...

i don't think it's just the congress & its policies that's to blame, even if the BJP had come to power they'd have done the same.. As you rightly pointed out, 'Liberalisation' seems to be the way to go.. This democracy & Government seems to go nowhere but in circles. Role of Government should be minimum while the citizens should be more responsible..

I like what R.T.Long asks "Is a Government Part of a Free Country?"

Hades said...


As you rightly pointed out, 'Liberalisation' seems to be the way to go.

I'm not very sure that what's happening now should be associated with 'liberalism' (the classical sense of the word, not what it's become in the US of A).

Hades said...

Thank your secularist sweethearts to bring it to this

Yep, have texted them, Meghana. Hope this is fine.

Vikram said...


Hades, I think Meghana has a crush on you.

Proserpina said...

P. Sainath!

Everybody Loves a Good Drought,indeed.

Lmao @ title. "Drown in a Palmful of Water" Haha!

Hades said...

Mr. Meghana, it what Vikram saying true?

Prosperpina :D