Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Naql ke Liye Aql

By now, most of you must of heard of Aliaa Elmahdy after she posted nude pictures of herself on the Internet as an "expression" of her "being".

While I have nothing intellgient to add on the actual act, what I found really funny about this was NDTV's ridiculous piece on the episode. While giving context to this case and trying to explain just how conservative Egypt is, the NDTV news reader, with more than a hint of righteous surprise in her voice says that Egypt is a country where "even kissing in public is frowned upon".

Madamji, pliss to note, your programme is being broadcast in India, a country where, surprise!, "even kissing in public is frowned upon".

By all means, flick from western broadcasts but a little bit of common sense helps even while copying.


Tarun Goel said...

lol. indian news channels are great. I was looking at the original blog of the nude lady and her hit counter was running like anything, in one minute it showed one hundred views.

Hades said...

Yeah, I'm not surprised. What she's done was bound to create a stir.