Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sweden Threatens to Strip Sen of Nobel for not Supporting Swedish Football Team

In a surprising move, the Nobel committee has taken offense with a 7-year old interview of Sen where he professes support for the Brazilian football team in the 2006 World Cup and has threatened to strip him of his Nobel Prize.

In a light hearted bit towards the end of the interview, Sen said he was an avid football watcher and liked the way Brazil played. To this, the Nobel committee, irritated at the Swedish team not getting his vote, threatened to take the prestigious prize away from him. The Nobel committee is based out of Sweden.

“Is Sen even a footballer? The Nobel committee must strip him of the prize,” tweeted a prominent member and spokesperson of the committee. “Don’t peddle your unsolicited comments on football. We know you as an economist who has sold himself to Brazil.”

Once the news got around of Sen’s opinion, Swedes took to social media to express their rage at this betrayal. Sven Ravelli tweeted: “It’s best if Sen sticks to Economics and keeps his opinions about football to himself.”

Sen himself has expressed surprise at the controversy. “As a lover of football, I should be able to support any team I want,” he naively said.

The storm though refuses to die down. Incensed by all of this, some Swedish fans have taken to distributing images of Sen and his family, scantily clad doing the Samba. “This is the just desserts Sen gets for having the temerity to expressing his opinion,” noted a Swedish fan.

Sen detractors have distributed this morphed photo of Sen (second woman from right) doing the Samba in order to embarrass him

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