Thursday, August 29, 2013

[NEWS ]Times of India Article Published with No Mention of Modi; Nation Needs to Know How?

In an astonishing break-through for Indian journalism, an article published in the Monday edition of the Times of India carried no mention off Narendra Modi. Bravely breaking with tradition, the 230-word article did not even once mention or even allude to the Gujarat Chief Minister who is currently making a bid for Prime Minster as well as Chief Benefactor of the Indian Media.

The article started off promisingly, being as it was about the city of Ahmadabad. However, as it progressed, the piece, oddly enough, stuck to its topic without either lionising or criticising Modi. This shocked Ravi Kumar, avid Ornob Goswami watcher and BJP supporter. “I must have read the article 4 times over but no, no Modi. It was, frankly, astonishing. I didn’t know what to do. For the first time in years, I was unable to use the word ‘Porki’ in my comment to the article and could only come up with the rather insipid, ‘Every1 knows that the Taj Mahal was nt bilt by Shah Jehan but wz built by Modi & then said 2 be built by d Muslim Mughals by commieeez just to malin Hindus.’ Sad, I know, but what to do? The Times of India has managed to insert Modi into everything from the Uttarkhand tragedy to the rupee downslide. Last week Shri Shri Chetan Bhagat even wrote a fantastic article where he compared Modi to a diamond. It was beautiful and reminded me of that other classic, Discover the Diamond in You by Shri Shri Arindam Chaudhari.”

“This is ridiculous,” thundered Congress supporter, Nerendra Gandhi. “An article about Ahmedabad and no Modi-bashing? I mean, what the hell! We know that Modi controls everything in the country and he’s evil. Didn’t the Times of India even link the policies of a stand-alone mall with the Chief Minister of a state? It’s absurd that this whole article went by without even once criticising Modi. The Congress' only tactic to deflect attention from its massive failures in power is to make it a Modi-versus-the-rest election. If things go like this, that plan is doomed!”

The article seems to have created quite a bit of controversy and broken new ground with journalists looking at this new No-Modi format to experiment with as they go about their job.

The small article is about a robbery in a house in Ahmadabad. A television set, two pairs of shoes and a gold-plated Titan watch have been reported missing. The police say they are doing all they can to nab the thief.

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