Thursday, December 11, 2008

Spammers are People Too

In times like these, one feels the little niceties of life are lost. I mean who has the time to thank someone in this dog eat dog world?

But there are some people for whome manners come before all else. Check out this spam mail I got:

Click to Enlarge

It’s nice to know that this gentleman had the courtesy to apologise for spamming my mail box.

I can just see it now:

Spammer’s wife: “But, honey, it’s wrong to spam people. People lose billions of dollars due to it.”

Spammer: “Don’t worry dear. I’ll apologise after insinuating that their phalluses aren’t big enough. Is that ok?”

Spammer's wife: "Awww!!! That's so sweet. Mummy was wrong. You are an awesome person."


Anonymous said...

"marry" Christmas!!

Fully grown fuzzy Hipposaur said...

No wonder image hyperlinks and quick-fix performance enhancers have so much in common, they all feature "click to enlarge" options.

BTW Linked you in my blog Hades.

Anonymous said...

R.O.F.L. Priceless.

Btw, try the new MammothPenis cream. Discount rates, 100% safe.

Sorry for the inconvenience. :)

Hades said...

@Priciless Junk: And don’t for a moment think it’s a typo. It’s a subtle mental mind game it is.

It starts with "add fire to yr bedroom" and ends with "marry christmas"

@Hipposaur: :P Now I can never use the word ‘enlarge’ without dirty thoughts coming to me.

And thanks for linking me, dude.

@ Sachin (I had quite a time understanding yr nik! I first read it as ‘my name is a chin lol’)

I’m sure docs must be getting scores of patients due to this…

“The pack said it was 100% safe, but three hours later it started turning blue…”(breaks down)

Red Soul said...

MARRY christmas :)) LOL. and hey more spammers see your email address now ;)

very funny post.

Orpu said...

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Saad Akhtar said...

I've studied spam over the years and it has evolved. Earlier the messages were like a sales pitch, which you can accept or ignore. Now they're increasingly becoming insulting and try to shame you into enlarging your johnsons. "She doesn't even feel you!" or "Does it fall out everytime she sneezes?" types..

Also, really irritated about these google ads saying "Why is your stomach fat?" Damn baby, God made me like this only, no?

Doing a comic about this...

Vaibhav said...

Has got multiple indiviudal ids in his To list, quite an amatuer spammer I must say!

oh btw...nice post!