Sunday, December 13, 2009

Eat India Movement Causes Revolution in India

Amazing scenes were witnessed today as women power was instrumental in starting a lobby group called WALS – Women Against Lazy Starvation. It aims to unite women of the country against Indians who don’t have enough to eat.

Throughout the country, women have come together in this movement of epic proportions (the biggest since that chap set off on that longish walk to get some salt) to convince Indian men that starvation is something that women just don’t like! As Minisha Lambha puts it: “You guys have to understand that women just don’t like famished, malnourished men”.

Neha dhupia, on the other hand, avers that she “might react badly” if she came across a man who was lazy enough not to eat.

As that dumbass anchor (who’s kinda cute, actually) says,” Women all over India are joining the movement and the message is clear--GET UP AND EAT”

What interesting though is this whole zonal concept where random women with nothing better to do express their views in support of WALS. In fact, let’s hear how the North Zone is supporting the movement

Random Dumbass Chick #1: I totally support the Eat India Movement. Rice is readily available and it’s very affordable, so I urge all the men to go out and eat.

RDC2 #2 (who, I could swear, has a wisp of a moustache): It is really important for Delhi and North Zone men to not be emaciated...because they look better in that way.

Gurgaon rickshawwala: As you can see, I’m bloody starving but that will be gone soon because I’ve got my own gunny bag of rice which is very tasty and affordable.

I’m sure you want your zone to win, so get up now and urge men to eat. Remember the WALS message: GET UP AND EAT!

P.S: If you don't watch Indian TV, go here to understand what this great movement is all about. Jai Hind.


Rakesh said...

I don't watch India TV so I first didn't figure out the heads or tails of it. But after watching the link, this is crazy...

And who's that dumbass anchor (who's kinda cute) :)

Hades said...


He he...yeah. Arre it's that chick who "anchors" the WALS shows.