Friday, December 18, 2009

The Good Ol' Days

The Apprentice

Since (or so the newswalas tell us) Advani is about to step down soon, here's a lovely, nostalgia-inducing B&W photograph of Advani and Modi on their way to Surat in 1992, after post-Babri Masjid riots in the city killed 152 people (full-on official figures, them).

Of course, no one was convicted and a commission constituted to probe the riots was wound up before it could submit its findings.

Surat 1992—Already Forgotten.

Image courtesy of the Indian Express and/or Dharmesh Joshi


vicious said...

its a been a longg time ...
another forgotten episode ..

Proserpina said...

Seeing the pic,you would think everything is all lovely- the sky is blue,the larks are singing...the kind.

It is just peachy.