Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Blame Game

In Life, the Universe and Everything, Douglas Adams tells us the story of the residents of the planet Krikket—Krikketers. The Krikketers had never imagined that a Universe could exist outside their little planet. Due to a certain chain of events, however, when they did discover than many worlds lay outside of their little planet, they were shocked. So they resolved to do the only thing possible to get things to fit their world view: they would destroy the rest of the Universe.

Although I doubt it, Douglas Adams could very well have been writing of the terrorists who have been quite a nuisance for the world of late. Unable to accept a world that doesn't fit in with their view of what it should be like, they've calmly decided to annihilate. And of course, in what completes my analogy, these terrorists types are the prime suspects in the attack on the Lankan cricketers that took place in Lahore.

Incidentally and interestingly, most Indians reacted to this attack with a mixture of outrage and, also, a rather overwhelming feeling of schadenfreude. Newspapers pontificated about Pakistan's imminent demise, the Congress compared the country to Somalia and users on Rediff (always a reliable barometer of public mood) praised the BCCI for pulling India out of the tour.

It could always be argued, however, that all this is very much par for the course. In a Blue Star-esque twist, Pakistan's heartland is now under attack from the same forces which it supported to try and push its agenda in India as well as Afghanistan. A little bit of glee with Pakistan in such hot water is but natural. Boys, after all, will be boys.

However, most Indians don't realise that bad as Pakistan is to have as a neighbour, the take-over of the country by these Jihadi jokers spells even more bad news as far as India is concerned. At the end of the day, there can be only thing worse than having Pakistan as a neighbour—and that's having no state as a neighbour on our west.

Of course, in a heartwarming show of solidarity with the Indians, quite a few Pakistanis have also behaved quite daftly. Everyone from RAW to Mossad as well as the odd actual terrorist was blamed. As late as Friday, Pakistan's Interior Minter went on record saying that the "foreign hand" cannot be ruled.

Taken at face value, that's perfectly all right. I mean, let's face it, neither you nor I will ever know the whole truth behind this attack or any of the other stuff that keeps on happening which involve the powers that be. So let me take this opportunity to offer a bit of unsolicited advice to the Pakistanis. In this situation, they should do what every God-fearing, honest man would do when he doesn't know the truth—invent his own.

As it is a couple of months back everybody in Pakistan was going on about how terrorism is a problem that affects Pakistan more than any other country in the world. Terrorism might be just a problem for everyone else, went the argument, but its an existential threat for Pakistan. However, quite a few Pakistanis, it seems, weren't convinced. The happenings in the county's north where girl's schools were destroyed, indestructible radio stations set up and people killed for not hiking up their shalwars still left some people with a reasonable amount of doubt as to just what these bearded chaps were up to.

So as I see it, this this very unfortunate attack gives Pakistan an opportunity to once and for all paint these terrorists as the Calibans of out times—savage monsters who will stop at nothing to people the planet with little Calibans. And what better way to convince the people of Pakistan of their true intentions that by showing them how these brutes would even attack a team of friendly and harmless cricketers thereby bringing international cricket in Pakistan to a standstill.

You never know, this attack might just be what the doctor ordered for Pakistan. All Pakistan has to do now is to blame the right people.


Anonymous said...

//In this situation, they should do what every God-fearing, honest man would do when he doesn't know the truth—invent his own.//

He he :D

nitwit nastik said...

Pakistan is probably a state which will implode sooner than later and which should be a cause of concern for us Indians. The total breakdown of law and order is but a window into the future of things to come.

The problem with Pakistan is that it's leaders suffer from a cognitive dissonance. On one hand they desperately want to try and emulate the democratic principles of the west but on the other it tries to maintain Islam and sharia both of which are against the very tenets of democracy, free speech and other fundamental rights, equality of women and civil rights. As long as pakistan tries to hold on to both sides it will continue to slide further into the pit it has been digging since 1947 starting with it's birth.

I sincerely hope that it doesn't, if not for anything but our own security, but it seems an eventuality it is bound for, unless it goes back to the dictatorial regimes it is so fond of. I think that is probably the best way to stop the utter chaos which the country finds itself in now.

Shiv said...

Nicely articulated.

Anonymous said...

"I mean, let's face it, neither you nor I will ever know the whole truth behind this attack or any of the other stuff that keeps on happening which involve the powers that be."

I hope the above sentence was sarcastic...

And schadenfreude, I didn't know there was a word for this feeling. I actually was feeling a little guilty to be feeling that way since this matter is not trivial! But then, did a sarcastic post on it as well.

And yes, I think you rightly pointed it out that this is Pakistan's way out. This is their chance to show their countrymen whosoever have a little solidarity with the Talibans that they are only monsters who'll stop at nothing. Especially since they've struck at something very close to every Pakistani's heart - Cricket.

Hades said...


No, I meant that. I'm quite suspicious of governments, thank you and, like, humans they lie like hell.

Anonymous said...

Hades, Completely agree that governments lie, even more than humans! But I hope (again) you aren't thinking that the "foreign hand" that they are suggesting is India?

I mean, honestly, I don't think the Indians have the time and energy, or even the say, over terrorists. This would be similar to the 9/11 conspiracy theory which says Israel was the actual hand behind those attacks.

Hades said...

No, in my opinion it's not a 'foreign hand'.

And as I've argued, even blaming a 'foreign hand' would be a daft thing to do.

Amit said...

A very clear analysis of the situation. Hope better sense prevails in Pakistan

Quirky Indian said...

Good advice, but I'm not sure there will be any takers.


Quirky Indian

Anand said...

I agree with Rakesh over on top.


Sarit said...

Nicely put...It's good to see some level-headed ones out there who look at the grime under one's own kettle rather than just calling the other black. The sentiment of "Pakistan should be..." and "damn Pakistanis..." is amazingly simplified, since when we say Pakistan, we don't understand that it's not the country or it's collective population that's to blame. They too are victims, more so than any of us who have the liberty or cursing on the morning newspaper and on free webspace.
Good post...cheers