Monday, February 23, 2009


The Times of India Reports:

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has sent a letter to 13 prominent Muslim organisations in India with a curious request — that they declare, in a fatwa, India to be a "friend" of Islam, or a Dar-ul-Aman, therefore making jihad against India and Indians invalid.
"We are expecting the said organisations to respond to this appeal in a positive manner. We firmly believe that till the time Islamic leaders do not condemn religion inspired violence, terrorism in this country will not come to an end," Singhal said. "If Islam is a religion of peace, as they propagate, then we expect them to issue a fatwa clearing these views," he added.

And I want to be declared Elisha Cuthbert’s boyfriend. Who do I write to for that?


Kartikey said...

you write to me
and I tear it.

nobody said...

Assholes are what these people are.

@lankr1ta said...

You can declare it on your blog. And I don't think she will care much.
Like I am the grand master of the universe. I am just declaring it.
The VHP is asinine.

Indian Home Maker said...

Won't waste too many words on them, so I agree with Alankrita.

Biju Mathews said...

Ha ha. If you really, really want to date Elisha, you need to seriously start playing hockey. She does have a thing for hockey players :-) Guess just borrow a hocket bat and do a photo series in it then go to her blog and crash in.. Her blog is

Keep Blogging!

Kartikey said...

ok... now isn't that being very subjective.

it's not a do-or-die declaration yet.
and the reaction is against the fatwas issued recently.
now 'any' type of fatwa doesn't suit India, does it?

@biju mathews

you should have emailed this info to the author. tch tch.

[replaces bat with hockey stick]

Satyajit said...

Sorry buddy, you are a letter too late. Sent in my request already. Cant tell you where I sent it though. You can forward your request to the VHP. There would be enough fodder for your blog for a year, post that.....

Tarun Goel said...

Supreme Court has said that the views published on the blog can be used for suing and court cases.
So Elsiha Cuthbert will sue you for that :)
Jai Sri Ram, btw Muthalik is opwning up each and every "pinkie", to get the adresses, so as to sue the people sending them however sources say he is trying to find his size :D

Anonymous said...

good going dude!:

shail said...


Finding Me said...

ha ha..... well tattoo it on yourself bro... GHAJINI style... :)

Zee Bee said...

Cool na...fatwas are fast becoming a tacky game. its soon going to be hard to keep track of all the fatwas !
have been reading your blog for quite sometime -your twitching sarcasm is refreshing !
you actually left a comment on my blog - thanks ! :-))

nb chowkan said...

I thought you were already....:)

nitwit nastik said...

as I read somewhere.."it's like making a pact with the tiger so that it eats me last"

seriously, they think that such fatwas will be followed by the terrorists? The VHP morons should start reading the Koran and the hadiths and see for themselves what it says in reality about other religions..Oh I forgot, Islam is a religion of peace !!

Indian Home Maker said...

@Nitwit Nastik
"it's like making a pact with the tiger so that it eats me last"