Monday, February 23, 2009

Youth Versus, er… Bloodlust

The Times of India Reports:

In an obvious dig at Rahul Gandhi, the 38-year-old Congress general secretary who is being projected as a youth icon by the party, Modi said: "We are not small fish floating around in the comfort of aquariums, but we weather huge storms to win."
The Congress reacted sharply to Modi's "fish" remarks, with spokesperson Manish Tewari saying in New Delhi: "If Rahul is a fish in the aquarium, then Modi is a piranha who devours human beings."

Politics, in India, is fishy business.


Anonymous said...


Nam said...

Rahul, like his mother, is an incompetent politician. I would rather have a hundred Modis than one more Rahul Gandhi. Nehru-Gandhi clan are the sole cause of ruin and the ill-state of India today.

Epic_lad said...

And then there was this ridiculous debate in Headlines Today between Manish Tewari and few others regarding the specific nature of a piranha, and how its a fresh water fish. I watched the entire thing trying to figure out why they were discussing that aspect of the comment.

Hades said...

@Nam: *shrug*

@Epic Lad: :P Dude, HT is quite, quite pathetic. But then it's not like we have a cornocopia of choice.

Anonymous said...

good god. discussion about piranha. Hhahahahaha