Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not PC

The Sunday Times of of India reports:

MEA computers hacked again

NEW DELHI: The ministry of external affairs on Sunday said that no classified information has been stolen, after over 600 of its computers were hacked.

According to Times Now, the machines were infected by spyware — a bug that gets into a computer taking control of the user's actions.

The infected computers include those in the ministry's sensitive Pakistan section.

Apparently, the hackers were foiled as the Pakistani data was kept on a Partitioned portion of the drive.


Indian Home Maker said...

I guess now some of our wars will be fought like the terror attacks in Mumbai and with this sort of hacking ...
The rest will be like Taliban marching in Pakistan ...

Anonymous said...

Pakistani data on Partitioned portion. he he, that is some pun.

nobody said...

ha ha!

I must say i like these puns that you've got into!

Quirky Indian said...

Is there a part of the hard-drive they claim as theirs? :-)


Quirky Indian

Hades said...

Not the hard drive, but ownership of the the processor Cache(mir) is disputed.