Sunday, September 7, 2008

India Wins NSG Waiver

The Government is ecstatic about the waiver from the NSG, which would allow India to carry out nuclear commerce.

"We never had a doubt that the deal would come through," says National Security Adviser M.K. Narayanan. "Who would stop us? New Zealand? Pshaw! India produces a New Zealand every ten minutes. Although I admit in the middle it did get tough. New Zealand just wasn't getting convinced that we would be a responsible nuclear power. So we even though of nuking the country but Sharad Pawar put a spanner in our works as he didn't want one less test playing nation just before he became ICC chief."

He was however somewhat taciturn on the matter of China's sly intransigence.

"What China does is China's internal matter and for that you'll have to ask the CPI (M)"

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) meets to discuss the India-US nuclear deal. (file photo)

China worked rather furiously behind the scenes to try and sabotage the deal but diplomatic niceties will force it to put on a show of support.

"We congratulate India on the NSG waiver," said a press release from the Chinese Foreign Ministry. "We also hope that it will act responsibly to maintain the stability of the region just like we have done by illegally transferring nuclear material and technology to Pakistan and encouraging good and honest people like A.Q. Khan. And since we are a dictatorship we are also in awe of India’s strong and robust democracy, which helped us more than we could have ever dreamed of. The Left Parties and the BJP have stood like a rock with us during this deal and we join them in mourning the successful signing of the deal. "


nobody said...

although I normally support the BJP I agree with you that the BJP has behaved extremely irresponsibly here. Even the cpim behaved irresponsibly bu then they always do.

Lolz at the caption on the pic. :P

Hades said...

@ nobody

Damn well they have.

And you know what? The Congress would have done the exact same thing that the BJP was doing, if their places were reversed!

I, of course, might be wrong.

I usually am.