Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rock On Sweeps Wall Street off its Feet

Farhan Akhtar starrer ‘Rock On’ has turned out to be a sleeper hit in the United States.

 The film, about an investment banker who risks it all to follow his passion, has apparently struck a cord with the thousands of investment bankers who have suddenly found that their passion—making money—has been bought to an abrupt halt. 

Says, former investment banker, John Smith: “Farhan’s character had it all: a job in investment banking which paid him enough for him to have a friggin’ fountain or something in his house, a beautiful wife and a lisp. But in spite of all that he isn’t happy. It’s only when he tries to make even more money by moonlighting as the lead singer of a band that he’s truly happy. Now that, my man, is the real I-banking spirit. 

In these difficult times ‘Rock On’ inspires because it is ultimately a story of hope triumphing almost insurmountable odds. It teaches us that if a person with Farhan Akhtar’s voice can become the lead singer of a rock band, the U.S. overcoming its greatest economic crisis since the depression is child’s play. It also teaches us to have faith in God and His miracles. Didn’t He provide ‘Magik’ with an invisible bassist?” 

The lead-actor of the movie, Farhan Akhtar has become a phenomenon on Wall Street with middle aged bankers ex-bankers gushing about him like they were 14 year old school girls. 

“”Ooooh! He’s soo cool! And his lisp is just soo sexy,” squeals 41-year old Miranda Ferdinand, who claims Sylvester the cat is her favourite cartoon character. 

The film has been critically acclaimed too, apart from being a commercial success. 

Noted financial guru, Paul Gartner, claims that ‘Rock On’ is a film with a “message”.

“The film shows us that leaving our financial assets exclusively in the hands of bankers isn’t a good idea. While we maybe under the impression that they are hard at work trying to increase our money, all they might be doing is playing in some band-shand. 

‘Rock On’ also presciently hints at the glaring shortcomings of bankers when Aditya (Farhan Akhtar’s character), who later on becomes an investment banker, misspells the word “”magic” and names his band “magik”.

The movie asks us: ‘Can we trust our life savings with people who can’t even spell or, more importantly, sing songs named ‘Sinbad the Sailor’?’,” says Gartner.


The Quirky Indian said...

That has to be the best write-up on Rok On (notice how eminently qualified I am to play with your money!)I have read.


Quirky Indian

Hades said...

Thanks, man.

nobody said...

"The movie asks us: ‘Can we trust our life savings with people who can’t even spell or, more importantly, sing songs named ‘Sinbad the Sailor’?’,” says Gartner."

Quite hilarious!

Jane said...

I chanced upon your blog recently and have immensely enjoyed reading all your posts. Far too few posts for someone who writes as well as you do and you're all of 22!! Keep 'em coming!

Hades said...

Thank you, Jane. It's always nice to hear praise from someone who's not your mother.


Amrita said...

Oh thank god, relief for the hookers! Bollywood to the rescue once more!

Tazeen said...


I just saw the film and couldn't get two things.

why put up a friggin fountain in the middle of your living room when you spend all the time kissing Ganesh bhai's ass in your office.

Aditya had everything, he should have married a trophy wife, why did he end up with such a behen ji like figure

Hades said...


Actually there's something called the lipstick theory which is a bit like that hooker angle.

@ Tazeen

Arre, the wife was cute, man. Maybe she wasn't a trophy wife but she was good to look at.

Vikram said...


shrill said...

nice one...
lehman brothers becoming band of brothers...

Nishi said...

hehe. this one is among the best reviews i read about rock on..lolz

though i still love the movie :P

Hades said...


lolz@ band of brothers


Oh,I liked the movie too. And that's the best part!

Saad Akhtar said...

Hey come on... even the Doors didnt have a bass player for most of their performances. Ray Manzarek did the bass keyboard with one hand and the wierd-organ-like-keyboard with the other.

Maybe Luke Kenny was also ambidextrous and that's what gave him brain cancer. Although at some points I could hear two lead guitars playing, and Arjun Rampal running all around the stage with no wires attached was strange...

Hades said...

Hmm, maybe Magik are the ‘Doors of the 21st Century'

Btw, while we are comparing Magik with real bands, didn’t any one here feel Rampal was unabashedly copying Slash?

Farhan Akhtar, with his husky voice and all, was obviously copying Bryan Adams.

ad libber said...

Hey, I came across your blog and have been reading up all your posts for the past hour or so. I wish there were more. Why I comment on this post particularly? My favourite yet.

Hades said...

Thanks, ad libber.

And might I add you have very refined taste! You will go far in life, very far. :P

Anonymous said...


a trophy wife would likely spend his money faster than he could earn it , them divorce him taking his house and 50% of his income .

well maybe it's better to be a poor rocker than to have your riches legally robbed for doing nothing in return.

Hades said...


Good going, man.

How DARE Tazeen dis the cute wife?