Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What's in name?

A long time back Max Mueller had said:

“If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts I should point to India.”

The existence of a mohalla called “Chutia” in the town of Ranchi more than proves him correct.

[Click on picture to enlarge. Image courtesy The AD Zone ]

The locality even has its own Police station: Chutia Police Thana.

I remember the local edition of The Telegraph coming up with the following headline: “Chutia police at wits end after crime wave”. Or something to that effect. Remember, exaggeration isn’t a crime.

For some unknown reason, Hindi cuss words are banned there.


Hades said...

Got the idea for the post from here.

Tazeen said...

they missed these two towns that i have covered in my blog


Pranay said...

.dude..,,its pronounced in a different way in a sharp t like in top and not a soft t as in the swear word.

Saad Akhtar said...

Dammit, It's a hard T. More like a Small Ponytail. :(

Damn damn damn... Still one can go there and take photographs of oneself in front on English sign boards.

Chutia police at wit's end! LOL! Who wouldnt be :P

Hades said...


Quite patriotic about your home town, I see?

And well, you are right (unlike most other patriotic people). I admit I'm guilty of employing a bit of a Deus ex machina method. Reading it in Devanagri does expose it to be more the small-ponytail Chutia (as pointed out by Saad) rather than the Choothiya we all know and love.

But let’s not spoil the fun (and my post) by quibbling about pronunciations, now shall we? Tomato, Tamato; what’s the difference?

Hades said...

Regarding the link I provided (1st comment), funny as it is, I kind off disagree with the author’s rankings, though.

For me, Titty Hill is easily number one for a number of reasons:

1)The name is an obscene word in English of a place in England. I mean, most probably the Austrians in Fucking, Austria didn’t even know what ‘Fucking’ meant till tourists started stealing their town’s sign boards.

2)The word and the place have a beautiful symmetry. I mean calling some town Cockburn; what does that mean other than being desperately obscene? But think about it- Titty Hill. I mean if there was one human body part that you would chose to name a hill after what would it be? TITS, of course! We could also follow the same nomenclature pattern for clock towers, Minaars and such.

3)Both hills and tits are beautiful and lovely creations of Nature. Its makes sense to name one beautiful thing after another.

4)I have never been to a Hill station either. Only seen pictures of them in magazines and on the Internet.

nobody said...

Lolz @ :Chutia police at wit's end after crime wave

Lolz @ :comment on Titty Hill!

Damn, even I've never been to a hill station. :P

Hades said...

@ Nobody

Sigh! Such are our lives.

The Quirky Indian said...

It's strange how things that are meant to be funny are so true. Every thana in India is a chutia thana, and the chutia police are always at thier wits' end!

Need I add, good post!


Quirky Indian

Hades said...

@ Quirky Indian

Quite true. Sadly.

Shahab said...

Lol .. There is a small village called "Lelunga" on the way to Vidisha from Bhopal ..

Hades said...


Lol. Quite interesting. I wonder how many of these brilliant names do we have throughout India.

Anonymous said...

Hello, this photograph seems familiar - see my post "No Laughing Matter in Ranchi" - I had taken this when I was there on work. Nice to see my own photos getting reused, anonymously albeit :-)

Hades said...


I really wasn't aware of its origin. I just googled it.

Apolagise for that, mate.

Sonu Agarwal said...

As per people who do not know the history behind this name, let me do a refresher course for you. Chutia word came from the word "Chutia Nagpur", which has been distorted to become "Chhota Nagpur". Chutia use to be the capital for the earlier rulers called "Munda Rajas" ruling Chutia Nagpur. The Ram temple in Chutia was the Palace for the Munda Rajas. So next time if you came across the work Chhota Nagpur or Chhota Nagpur Plateau, its none other than a distorted version of Chutia Nagpur. Its easier to make fun of a word before knowing the significance of it.