Friday, January 9, 2009

Not so Punny

The Satyam fiasco has pained millions of Indians…by forcing them to read horrible, horrible puns. Here are some of them:

Business Line:

Times of India:



Indian Express:

The Economic Times:

Note: Satyam is a Sanskrit/Hindi word which means truth.


Siddharth said...
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Siddharth said...

Lol!!! :P

Oxy said...

Raju Raju
Yes Baba
Cheating Us
No Baba
Telling A Lie
No Baba
Open The Balance Sheet
Ha Ha Ha

Got this in mail.. funny.. ain't it?

P.S. Read ur other articles, quite impressive... adding u to roll

Pratz said...


@oxy: Hahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

He he

Anonymous said...
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srkraman said...

Here's another one! courtesy, yours truly :)

Hades said...

@Siddharth, Pratz, Anon: :D

@oxy: He he....that is funny.

@Rawman: Been there.

tsp said...

One of my own:
Ram Naam Satyam Hai